How to find right online business startup idea that makes money?

find right online business startup idea

If you’re looking for a right online business startup idea, you’re in the right place.  For new entrepreneurs, deciding to start an online business is exciting but it’s also new terrain that can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. “find right online business startup idea” is a hot topic today. Everyone wants in on what’s popular and growing in future. Riding the wave of a hot market is much easier than spending all your time and resources educating a market without a real need. So finding a hot business opportunity is the first step.

we’ve put together a list of eight strategies and opportunities that you can use to help you start generating right online startup business idea.

Factors to help you to find the right online business startup idea

Coming up with online startup ideas can be tough and it often feels like everything has already been done. Not to mention there’s a lot of competition online these days. Consumers are just a click away from online giants like Amazon, Walmart, Zappos and Best Buy, who also happen to be extremely difficult to outrank in the search engines.

1.  What’s give you satisfaction.

What gives you fulfillment and satisfaction in life? Well, you can probably do that or some variation of it for a living. Figure out how to monetize what you love.

Do you love rock climbing? How about being a rock climbing instructor?

You find fulfillment in organizing spaces and maximizing workflow? How about becoming a productivity consultant?

Do you love space travel? Then, heck, start building rockets.

Find out what you love. Do it, and turn it into a business.

2. Know Your Strengths

Using your strengths can help you excel in any business, but the reverse is also true. Look at all your historical experiences. You will have developed specific skills in your career, which may provide the basis for a business. In addition, you should think about the different companies and market sectors that you have worked in. Some will have been more interesting and enjoyable than others. More than likely, you will have excelled in those elements of the businesses that you found most interesting and enjoyable.

While your business will most certainly push you to grow, if the business requires you to go way outside of your comfort zone, you might be fighting an uphill battle. Consider your greatest strengths and find something that more closely mirrors your skills.


3. What’s your biggest frustration.

Think for a minute. What’s the biggest frustration in your life right now?  The greatest business ideas are born out of solving problems. For a business to be successful, it must do two things: Create Value and Capture Value. Value Creation is the most basic fundamental of business — what work a business does to create a product that has utility for people.

Someone confronts a problem, comes up with the solution, and sells it.

What’s the problem? And what’s the solution? The problems that you can solve are your most brilliant and profitable business ideas.

4. Judge your ability and desire to handle every aspect of the business.

If you don’t want to or can’t pitch in wherever and whenever something needs to be done—whether it involves manufacturing a product, dealing with customers or keeping the books—you should think twice about starting that kind of business.

5. Determine whether the business has a solid chance of turning a profit.

After working in the field for a few months, you should have a good idea of whether the business is a potential moneymaker. To be sure, you should analyze your market and conduct a break-even analysis, a preliminary financial projection that shows you the amount of revenue you’ll need to bring in to cover your expenses (this amount is called your break-even point). If you’re able to bring in more revenues than your break-even point, you’ll be in the black (that is, you’ll make a profit).

6. Follow your Passion Because it Will KILL Competition – Always!

Here’s the deal… If your chosen niche keyword has a certain amount of competition, more than you would usually be happy with, but you are super passionate about the niche you’re thinking of getting involved in, go for it! In my mind passion will always overcome plain old competition. It’s the passion behind Zappos that’s made them the driving force behind shoe sales online – even though there are a ton of people selling shoes online.


Starting a business is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. You will have many hard times alongside many good times. The buck will stop with you, and you alone will be responsible for all the good and bad decisions you make. The more you think, prepare, and get ready, the better off you (and your business) will be.

As a part of this exploration of your business idea, keep in mind that there is a near-100% chance that someone has tried something similar before. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn more about the space, the challenges, and the ‘maze’ you’re about to enter (more on that in a second).

If you’ve any other idea that I forgot to explain please add through the comment box below. I love to hear you more and more. And don’t forget to share this article with your social world.

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